Community Water Management

We’re on a mission to deliver water sensitive communities.

Fostering community partnerships to protect our water assets.

  • TankView delivers reliable water monitoring, predictive data and notifications for water in tanks.

  • Our climate is changing and insight into water use has never been so important, to both the individuals within a community and its leaders. We seek to foster partnerships and collaborative relationships with government, councils and community groups to use water usage data to help protect, restore and enhance our natural environment.

Providing unique insights to community water usage.

  • TankView can help provide councils and government with a unique insight into off-grid water usage.

  • TankView insight can help governance groups to:

      • build greater community responsibility over water management;

      • access current and predictive data which are suitable to support near-term decisions and long-term strategy planning including data about community tank water volumes, consumption patterns, and predicted run outs;

      • access localised actual rainfall data.

  • Insights will be made available on an anonymised and aggregated basis, with our customer’s privacy and rights always first in mind.

  • Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about data insights and partnership opportunities.

The technology.

  • TankView uses a cutting edge international protocol - LoRaWAN technology.

  • LoRaWAN technology provides interoperability among smart devices without the need of complex local installations. By using LoRaWAN, we’re able to achieve superior results at a lower cost to most other brands.

  • With LoRaWAN technology, we can maximise both the battery life of our TankView monitoring devices and overall network capacity, to deliver reliable data when and where it’s needed.

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User Stories

Te Kao community

Te Kao community leaders use TankView to communicate trends and evidence for decisions on investment into the water network in Te Kao.

Better insights into community usage allow community leaders to ensure every member of their community has water security, and outreach with targeted plans where they are needed most.