Tank Owners

Water Tank Monitoring

Benefits and Features

Peace of mind

Know your water level, usage, and days remaining. Never worry about running out again

Measure rain

Measure rainfall at your tank. Automatically incorporates predicted rainfall into your run-out prediction

Save time

No more climbing the tank, tapping the outside, or fixing your ball and cock measure

Easy self-install

Factory calibrated, simply insert the sensor and go


Manage your water from wherever you are through our intuitive app

Fill level and usage Alerts

Automatic alerts when you’re running low or using more than normal

Smart ordering

Order for when you need it. Avoid the long summer waits

Long range

With a range of up to 5km you can monitor any water across your property. Reliable monitoring wherever your tank is

Tankview Solution

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User Stories


In the height of summer we log into TankView to look at our water level and usage at least three times per week. It allowed us to not worry about when it would rain next, and order water in advance so we knew it would be delivered before we needed it.

We even used TankView to see if the water carrier delivered what he said he would!

I know when I can water my gardens, how much our Airbnb guests are using, and when to cut down on other uses. The predicted run-out date is really useful for quickly gauging where were at.

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