Water Carriers

Keep your customers happy by knowing when they need water before they do. Lock-in your customers and deliveries all summer.

Summer is a busy time for water carriers. Last minute orders pile up as customers forget to check how much water is in their tanks. Orders start flooding in and, with too many orders to fill, you have to choose which ones are the most important.

The industry is price competitive, but when tank owners run out of water they tend to order from lots of water carriers. Suddenly, you're delivering to full tanks.

Customer loyalty is out the window, your customers are unhappy and so are your truckers.

If you could know which of your customers needed water (and those customers could order their water straight away from you), you'd be able to ensure that those customers never ran out. Those customers would come to you for their next delivery.

TankView deals with these kinds of problems. It gives tank owners the information they need to be able to order their water in time (and more responsibly) directly from you. It gives water carriers data on where and when the demand will be. And, most importantly, it helps you create a loyal and consistent customer base for your business.

Know your customers and demand

See insight into your customers current fill level, and volumes of orders predicted in the next month. Our advanced algorithms predict run out dates for the tank owner, and shows you aggregated or detailed views of where and when there will be demand.

Schedule your trucks based on upcoming demand

Knowing upcoming demand allows you to schedule your trucks and delivery areas with more confidence.

No more last-minute orders piling up

Tank owners know when they are going to run out weeks before they actually do, meaning they order weeks in advance. For those extra forgetful customers, you can set up automatic or manual reminders when you see they are running low.

Auto orders and payments

Customers can quick-order with their preferred supplier (you) in a single button press, and be scheduled to ensure they receive a delivery before they run out. Ordering in-app means payment is up-front. No more chasing customers for a backlog of deliveries.

Increase customer stickiness

Knowing when your customers are going to run out means that your customers will be confident that when they need order you can deliver it. Quick ordering means they always chose you, their trusted supplier, to order from.

Happier customers, running out less

Data insights for you, and your customers knowing what is in their tanks, mean they get water when they need it. Happier, more loyal customers are yours for every summer.

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