Tank Monitor

TankView's Tank Monitor uses a cutting edge international protocol - LoRaWAN technology.

Designers can choose from a wide variety of wireless technologies to connect a product to the Internet of Things (IoT). Each technology suits different applications, requiring designers to carefully consider factors such as range and data rate, cost, power consumption, volume, and form factor. Standard Wi-Fi, for example, can transmit large amounts of data at high speeds, but it has a limited range. A cellular network combines high speed and long range, but it’s power hungry.

LoRaWan technology is designed to send small data packets efficiently over long distances with minimum power consumption. The LoRaWAN specification provides interoperability among smart devices without the need of complex local installations. By using LoRaWAN, we’re able to achieve superior results at a lower cost to most other brands. We can maximise both the battery life of our TankView monitoring devices and overall network capacity, to deliver reliable data when and where it’s needed.

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